At Decoration Day every year the town with the help of the Boy Scouts puts an American Flag on the grave of every veteran that is known.  We had men from this island in all the wars of the U.S.A., including the following who are buried here.

   Revolutionary War        Samuel Colby                                John Dunton

                                           Lt. Stephen Greenleaf                    Josiah Parsons

                                           Jonas Shattuck


   War of 1812                   Nearly every able-bodied man was part of the local militia, including:

                                           Ebenezer Greenleaf                        Stephen Greenleaf

                                           John Thomas and Benjamin Knight who received a pension.


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   Civil War                       

There is a list of over 40 names of substitutes who received town bounty as draftees for this town, but none of these men ever lived on Westport.  We do have over 15 graves in various cemeteries, including a memorial stone to Jason Bartlett who died at Andersonville.


                                           Joel Bartlett                                    Corp. Jas. Linard

                                                        Andrew Bartlett                              William McKenney

                                                        Jason Bartlett                                  William May

                                                        Thos. Colbert                                  Patrick Mahan

                                                        Ezekil Dunton                                Jas. McLarney

                                                        William Callahan                            Jas. McGafney

                                                        George N. Fields                            Jno. McCabe

                                                        Ezra L. Fowles                                Jas. Petrie

                                                        Bernard Harding                             Chas. Roan

                                                        Corp. Andrew Jackson                    Alex Ryan

                                                        John Jones                                      Phillip Smith

                                                        1st Lt. John Kisley                          Chas. W. Shaw

                                                        John Kerby                                     Jas. Thompson

                                                                                                                Edw. E. Woods


World War I                      George Cromwell                          Melville Knight

                                                        Ernest Harriman                            Geo. Dewey Richardson (radio operator)

                                                        Philip Harriman                             Amos Greenleaf

                                                        Jack Harrison


Foreign Enlistments:          Sylvanus Bailey                                Melville Brooks

                                                        William H. Colby                            Ebenezer Greenleaf

                                                        Thos. F. Hodgkins                            Chas. McCarty

                                                        Thos. McLullen                                 William Yates U.S.N.


World War II                     Robert Stacy                                      Charles H. Colby

                                                         Archie Cunningham                         Clarence Colby

                                                         Donald Knight *                               Herbert A. Harriman

                                                          Amos Greenleaf                                George H. Harrison

                                                          Robert W. Baker                               John B. Harrison

                                                          Spencer H. Baker                              Bryant Richardson

                                                          William L. Bonyun                           Eugene E. Whitten