The Marie Antoinette House


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This house was built on Westport in the early 1800's on land which was claimed by the Decker family from 1751, or perhaps even earlier, as there was an Indian Trading post here in 1676.  During the French Revolution Cap't Joseph Decker's son-in-law Stephen Clough for whom Clough's Ledges in the Sheepscot River were named, was in France and brought home French china and furniture.  Although legend has it that this house was being prepared as a home for Queen Marie Antoinette, there is no real evidence to that fact and at least four other places in America, including a whole village called "Azelium" near Athens, Penn.  was made ready for her and her court.

     In 1838 the house was moved across the Sheepscot River on the gundolows to Edgecomb where it now stands.



Edgecomb - Boothbay Harbor region
Marie Antoinette's ghost supposedly haunts the home of the late Arthur Clark and his wife. Mr. Clark claimed to have been part of a conspiracy to smuggle the Queen of France to Maine. In anticipation of this, a ship loaded with the Queen's possessions had been sent to Edgecomb, and Mr. Clark's home filled with the furniture, paintings, sculptures, and other valuables.

This story accounts for the extraordinary French antiques that sometimes appear in auctions and antique shops in this part of Maine.

(Source: Schulte, Ghosts..Coast of Maine, p. 75.)