As soon as the town of Westport was separated from EDGECOMB, a post office was established.  The mail first came via Woolwich and later when the Eastern Steamship Co., docked at Westport Upper Landing, came by boat and was carried by horse and wagon to the Post Office at the Center, where each family had to collect its own mail.  The Post Office was in various houses at the CENTER, depending on who was the Postmaster.  Later the mail was distributed by William McKinney at his store, located at the corner of the Main Road and the Old Post Office Road.  In the 1940's this building was purchased by Herbert Cromwell and moved up the Main Road for his store.

   In 1905 the R.F.D. was started with Charles L. Cromwell as Mail Carrier.  For nearly 30 years he delivered the mail by horse and buggy, and later by car crossing by boat to the Wiscasset Post Office then located at the Customs House at the Wharf.

Charles L. Cromwell

Charles L. Cromwell

   During the Steamboat time the liners were WIWURNIA, NAHANADA, and the SOMERSET.  Service by steamboats was discontinued Feb. 15, 1907 after the Rural Free Delivery was established in 1905.

   These houses served as post offices before the building of the Center was built:

                        1st   McCarty's Hall and P.O at McCarty's Cove

                        2nd  Squire Tarbox House


                     Samuel Tarbox                   1829

                            Daniel McKenney             1847

                            Samuel Tarbox                   1849

                            Lemuel Heal                       1852

                            Henry Fowle                       1854

                            James McCarty                   1862

                            John Webber                      1863

                            Samuel H. Fowle                1884

                            William McKenney             1889

                             Herman Greenleaf              1893

                            William McKenney             1897

                             Adelaide Fowle                   1905