Submitted by John S. Tarbox


R E C 0 R D S



Called out by the Governor of Massachusetts to suppress a Threatened

Invasion during the War of 1812-14



The Adjutant General of Massachusetts

Under a Resolve of the General Court

A copy of this book, published in 1913, may be found at the Maine State
Library in Augusta.

The following is from page 189 of this book:


Capt. Samuel Tarbox's Company, Lieut. Col. E. Cutter's Regiment.

From Sept. 10 to Sept. 28, 1814. Service at Squam Island and Edgecomb.

RANK AND NAME. Colby, Henry, Jr. Hodgdon, John, Jr.
Samuel Tarbox, Captain Crumbell, Moses Hodgdon, Joseph
Benjamin Knight, Ensign Decker, Spencer, Jr. Hodgdon, Joseph, 2d
Duncan, Andrew Hodgdon, Thomas
Abner Duncan, Sergeant Duncan, Daniel, Jr. Jewett, Moses
James Thomas, Sergeant Duncan, John, Jr. Knight, Stephen
Jonathan Fowler, Sergeant Duncan, Simon Knight, Thomas
Benjamin Wills, Sergeant Duncan, Stephen McCarty, James
J. Colby, Musician Fowles, Ebenezer Tarbox, Jordan
Simon Crumbell, Musician Greenleaf, Ebenezer Thomas, William
Greenleaf, Westbrook Warden, William P.
Privates. Heal, James Webber, John
Brooks, Charles Hodgdon, Caleb
Brooks, Thomas, Jr. Hodgdon, John


From page 191:

Capt. D. R. Adams' Company, Lieut. Col. X. Cutter's Regiment.

From Sept. 28 to Oct. 12, 1814. Raised at Boothbay. Service at Squam Island,
erecting a battery.

RANK AND NAME. Chase, William Lowell, David
David R. Adams, Captain Cochran, David Mattocks, Pelsgrove
Barker Neal, Lieutenant Cochran, William McNear, Samuel
Jotham Donnell, Ensign Cooper, James M. Merrill, George W.
Cunningham, Thomas Nelson, David
William Thompson, Sergeant Doan, Isaac W. Nutter, John
Samuel Thompson, Sergeant Dodge, Moses Paison, Paul
Abraham Walker, Sergeant Floyd, John Parsons, Guy
Benjamin Williss, Sergeant Givens, David Patterson, Elias
Nathaniel Tibbetts, Musician Grey, Francis Payson, Silas
John Lewis, Musician Grey, Henry Pinkham, Nathan
Grey, Thomas, Jr. Porter, Ezra
Privates. Hagget, Ebenezer Roby, Henry, Jr.
Ayers, James Hagget, Ebenezer, Jr. Savage, Abraham
Barter, Benjamin Harris, John Sevey, John
Barter, John Harthern, John Sheldon, John
Bartlett, Seth Heath, James Smith, Samuel G.
Baxter, Samuel, 3d Hodgdon, Benjamin Stacy, John
Bickford, William Horn, Joseph Stacy, William
Boynton, John, Jr. Jewett, Benjamin Tobey, Sylvanus
Boynton, John, 3d Jewett, Jeremiah Waters, Nathaniel B.
Bruce, Barnard Jewett, Nathaniel Webber, John
Call, James Jones, Simon White, Jesse
Call, Philip Kennedy, Robert Woodbridge, Henry
Call, Samuel Leighton, George Woodbridge, William
Charlton, Jeremiah Lenox, Robert


I feel confident that those on the first list (Samuel Tarbox's Company) were
virtually all from Westport. While the second company was raised Boothbay,
it served on Westport erecting the battery, the remains of which may still
be found on the north end of the island. Further I believe many in the
company were from Westport as well.

In viewing these records, one needs to understand that they are company
records and not the records of individuals. By that I mean people often
served in more than one company. Jordan Tarbox for example also served as a
Corporal in A. Potters's Company between July 2nd and July 31st 1914 and saw
service at Wiscasset and Boothbay.

Finally I am sure that there were others from Westport who saw service in
the War of 1812 who do not appear in these lists. Hopefully this may serve
as a starting point to encourage others to submit whatever records they may