In 1899, the Westport-Wiscasset Ferry was established; and on June 10, 1908 John Cromwell received his Captain's license.  This ferry, located at what is now called Ferry Road, was in service for fifty-one years, and all who used it, and that means everybody who crossed to and from Wesport by car, has memories.  Some of these memories are vivid:

            -  Dropping off the loading ramp at one end into deep water.

            -  In the wintertime, ice piled up on the shore so the ferry wouldn't reach the land.

            -  Home from the movies at 10:02 p.m. and the ferryman has quit for the night.

            -  On Sunday evening you have to get back to work after a weekend at Westport and there are eleven

                cars lined up, waiting to be ferried across.

Ferry Traffic  3 cars at a time if absolutely necessary...  Sunday Ferry in the 40's, cars line up...  westport_ferry.jpg (3442 bytes)


Click here to hear a story from Westporter Ed Cromwell (taken from LC News)



    Theresa Richardson reported this:  she was on the ferry:

        "It was on a Saturday afternoon in September of October of 1946.  We were on the way home after a shopping trip to Wiscasset.  We were the first vehicle on the two car ferry to Westport.  Behind us was a Wiscasset lumber truck loaded with cement and bricks!  It was low tide and the rear wheels on the truck spun in the gravel making it impossible to board all the way.  Also the driver was unable to back off.  The tide was coming in and the wrecker was late in arriving.

        Rhines brothers finally came and pulled the truck back off.  As the car engine was now thoroughly wet with sea water Dewey was in a hurry to get the car back to his place to get the salt water out of  his engine.

        We climbed in Luthers boat - ten year old George, Diana and Dewey and myself and the ferry slipped out into the middle of the river when the wire all of a sudden we submerged serveral feet under the water and then the wire snapped and we bounced right back up again!  It sure was scary for a few minutes."



The ferry landing today...

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