Could I choose a band of great renown,
A splendid mansion in a town,
The cry of a sea gull my choice would be,
And a lowly hut nestled by the sea.

'Twixt polished floors and carpets galore
Let me walk on a sandy shore.
I'd like to stroll where sand pipers flit
And, facing the wind, the sea gulls sit.

This land has many beautiful places
With ladies bedecked in satin and laces.
A dress of cotton would do for me
If it could be worn in a home by the sea.

A garden of roses with blossoms fair,
Their delicate fragrance scenting the air,
The smell of roses is sweet, indeed,
But give me a sniff of dank seaweed.

If I could but dwell by the briny deep,
With the sound of it's waves to lull me to sleep,
I'd give up my share of this world's goodly store,
Gladly, to live in a house by the shore.

Perhaps some day, when I'm born anew,
I'll do all the things I've wanted to do.
I'll walk on the sand, hear the ocean's roar
And live in a home down by the shore.

     by Mina P. Campbell



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